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PetraLingua® online multimedia language courses are designed for children between the ages of 3 and 10 years, but they are also suitable for grownups who want to learn a new language the fun way!


The combination of imaginative video sequences and cheerful songs will help you learn basic everyday words the fun and efficient way!

Interesting interactive exercises will help you check what you′ve learned and improve your vocabulary! The exercises are never the same, because every time you refresh the page, you get a different set of words and sentences to practice!

We′ll use songs, animated videos, interactive exercises, comics and rhetorics to take your everyday worries away and free your mind to learn a new language!

PetraLingua® foreign language courses for children are supported on all major current browsers and platforms including Windows, MAC, iPad®, iPhone® and Android® tablets and phones.

Contents of PetraLingua® online multimedia language courses for children:

  • 20 everyday topics
  • 11 songs
  • 80 animated videos
  • 140 interactive exercises
  • 500 basic words
  • talking picture dictionary
  • Activity Books to download